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Maxine X loves to be tied up and whipped. Mistress Dragonlilly aims to please her little slave as much as she possibly can. Maxine X is misbehaving, and she's going to learn what Mistress Dragonlilly does to naughty little girls!
Maxine X has her punishment planned out for her by Mistress Dragonlilly. She's going to be tied down, and she's going to be fucked until her pussy can't cum any more. Just when she thinks she's done being punished, the real toys come out!
Maxine X has been a good little pet, and she's going to get a big reward! She's going to be tied tight, and fucked hard by her two Mistresses, like a good little slave. It's never felt so good to be so, so bad!
Maxine X has captured some mischief makers, and she's ready to punish them for being bad boys! They're bound, gagged, and about to get the most fantastic torture treatment of their lives! With a whip like Maxine's, these boys ain't going to miss behavin'!
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